November 16, 2023
8:00AM-1:40PM ET
Waldorf Astoria
Washington, D.C.


Cybersecurity and digital privacy concerns permeate every aspect of government and industry, driving geopolitical decisions and determining how organizations battle ransomware. Cyber is a critical component in the Ukraine war and informs how the U.S. confronts China's global influence. And the need for digital privacy protections has lawmakers pushing for new technology regulations. In the face of these developments, the brightest minds from across government and industry have come together, taking action to secure critical infrastructure, bolster the digital defenses, promote cyber resiliency and create new consumer protections.

Join the most influential leaders in cybersecurity and digital privacy at CyberTalks. Hosted in the nation’s capital, CyberTalks gathers the smartest and most innovative leaders from government, tech and academia for can’t-miss conversations on the latest efforts to protect and defend the nation against evolving cyberthreats.

11.16.23 | 8:00AM-1:40PM ET
Washington, D.C.


Chris DeRusha*
Chris DeRusha*
Federal CISO,
Executive Office of the President
Carol Assi
Carol Assi
Chief Operations Officer, DCIO Cybersecurity,
Katie Savage
Katie Savage
Secretary, Information Technology,
State of Maryland
Juliana Vida
Juliana Vida
GVP & Chief Strategic Advisor for Public Sector,
Goldy Kamali
Goldy Kamali
Founder & CEO,
Scoop News Group

* Pending Agency Approval

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